Birkman Assessment

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If only I had a user manual for my life…

Wouldn't that be great? Often times, we just seem to “find ourselves” in situations or we repeat the same patterns over and over again. Sometimes it's hard to have a good sense of our needs or how to communicate those needs to others.

Or maybe you or your teen are trying to figure out career options or life path. A roadmap would be really helpful, wouldn't it?

That's the Birkman. The Birkman assessment helps you develop your own user manual and roadmap. The Birkman is an internationally-recognized test that helps to identify your needs, your patterns of negative behaviour, and your way forward in life. It's used in Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, NGOs, and many, many other settings.

At the start of my career, I took the Birkman myself and found it invaluable in forging my path in life. I'm very happy to be a Birkman Certified Professional myself and to offer this valuable insight to my patients.

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