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Psychotherapy services are typically billed at a rate of $235 per 50 minutes.

Assessment services are typically billed at a rate of $245 per hour, including both face-to-face time (doing the tests with you) and time spent scoring, interpreting, and writing up the results. The time spent on assessments can vary greatly, depending on the nature of the difficulties, what information is needed, and the kind of report that you require (e.g., a letter versus a full report).

However, our hope is that finances won’t be a barrier that keeps you from getting the help that you need. Thus we do offer a “sliding scale” with a reduced rate of $195 per hour. If you need a reduced fee, we'd be happy to talk with you about it. We don’t require any “proof” of economic hardship - just an honest conversation.

Private psychology services are typically not covered by MSP. However, extended health benefits may cover work with a clinical psychologist - check with your provider to see what your coverage includes. We will provide you with a detailed invoice for our services.

Lastly, if the cost seems somewhat high, it is worthwhile to consider that living with psychological difficulties can also carry a cost - both in terms of dollars and quality of life. Getting the information and help that you need can be truly life-changing.

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