What is Cogmed?

Cogmed is a research-based training program designed to help attention and short-term/“working” memory. Cogmed can be done by almost anyone; children, adults, and older adults.

What is “working” memory?

Working memory is sometimes called “short term” memory. A typical example would be this: you’re working on a shopping list. You wonder if you need to buy dish soap and toothpaste. You go to the kitchen and check on the dish soap. Then you head upstairs to the bathroom to check on... now what did you come up here for again? That’s a working memory problem!

Another example: you give your child three things to do: go out to the car, get their backpack from the trunk, and bring it back in the house. Your child goes out the door... and after two minutes you wonder where he is! You peek out the window, only to see him leaning against the car, looking confused. That’s a working memory problem!

Why would I or my child need Cogmed?

Are you often “missing” or forgetting important information or tasks? Is your attention span holding you back from working at your full potential? Do teachers say your child is inattentive or forgetful? If so, Cogmed may help!

Cogmed has been shown to help increase attention and working memory capacity. It can be helpful for people with ADD, ADHD, age-related attention and working memory problems, acquired brain injury, people who feel constrained by their attention span, and may others. Effects of training can include:

  1. -Better able to focus attention

  2. -Better able to ignore/block out distractions

  3. -Better able to carry out commands

What’s special about Cogmed?

  1. -Cogmed is research-based. Cogmed was designed by neuroscientists and research studies have validated the effects of Cogmed.

  2. -Cogmed is a computer-based training program that you can do in the comfort of your own home, at times that work best for you and your family.

  3. -Cogmed includes weekly professional coaching support calls, helping you or your child succeed.

  4. -Cogmed uses an adaptive system that responds to your progress in real time.

With my training in neuropsychology, I have been very interested in Cogmed. After reviewing the research and talking with other Cogmed practitioners, I knew that this was a program that I had to bring to my practice! I am very happy to be a Cogmed Qualified Practice offering Cogmed to the lower mainland!

Interested in talking with me about Cogmed? Please click here to email me or call me at 604-518-4714.