Dr. Aaron Lautzenhiser, R.Psych.

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You are on a journey...
You may be seven or forty-seven. Just beginning, far along the way, or looking for a new direction to travel. But now there’s something in the way of your journey. It could be something new that you didn’t  expect, something that you thought you “dealt with,” or something that you’ve been fighting for a long time. Whatever it is, you are ready to work on it now and get back to the journey...
It would be my privilege to help you...
I am Dr. Aaron Lautzenhiser. I’m a registered psychologist, trained in neuropsychology and psychotherapy.
I conduct
assessments with children and adults for difficulties such as learning disabilities, ADHD, memory problems, FASD, head injury, and many others. I use different tests and tools to help you learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses, and then work with you to find strategies that may help you in school, work, or your daily life.

I'm a
Birkman Certified provider. The Birkman is a personality and occupational coaching test that can help you learn about your needs in relationships and in your work. It can also be helpful for teens who are thinking about their university and career path.

I also do
short-term and long-term psychotherapy with teens and adults, helping people with life stresses and transitions, depression, relationship difficulties, and many other life problems.
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